Zacharias Mbizo: Literary Corona Diary


Despite all the discussions about the medical, social, political and economic impact of the Corona pandemic, there is often a feeling that something remains unsaid. The reason for this is that the emotional upheaval triggered by the crisis is neglected. The present literary diary takes this into account by illuminating our Corona nightmare from within, as a series of subjective dream images.

Zacharias Mbizo debuted at LiteraturPlanet in 2015 with his story Glücklose Heimkehr. Der Mann, der den Mord an sich aufklärte (Unhappy Homecoming. The Dead Man Who Solved His Own Murder). Not much is known about his life. Whether his grandparents were really traditional necromancers is also not proven beyond doubt. Recently, Mbizo joined the circle of the so called Ecartists around the blogger Rother Baron, who has published several books at LiteraturPlanet as well.

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